Grandfather Hajji Dr. Edmond Brahimaj, Mr. Antonello Cracolici, Dr. Francesco Onorato, Mr. Giancarlo Fusco, Mr. Jean Claude Ratsimivony, Mrs. Bako Ratsimivony and Dr. Giovanni Di Fisco


Grandfather Hajji Dr. Edmond Brahimaj,  Albanian Religious Leader and World Leader of the Bektashi Order, Peace Missionary, High Commissioner for World Peace of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), Doctor Honoris Causa in Theology, Divinity and Humanity by Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP), Holder of the Lifetime Achievement Award by US President Barack Obama, Mr. Antonello Cracolici, Alderman in Palermo, Founder of DemoS (Democrats of Sicily) Association, Dr. Francesco Onorato, Mayor of Castronovo Municipality, Sicily, Mr. Giancarlo Fusco, Honorary Consul of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, Mr. Jean Claude Ratsimivony, Businessman, Owner of Homeopharma Madagascar, Mrs. Bako Ratsimivony, Doctor of State in Pharmacy and Dr. Giovanni Di Fisco, Italian Architect, during the ceremony of honoring Dr. Giovanni Di Fisco with the title Peace Missionary, Honorary Consul of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, organized in the Global Headquarters of the Bektashi Order, Tirana, Albania.  

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